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 If You're Looking For A Way To Finally Live A Better Life,
Want To Give Yourself And Your Family
The Choice To Do What You Want, When You Want,

And You're Frustrated And Sick And Tired Of Working For A Boss Who Doesn't Care...

…then you need to get to THE TIME EVENT

Dear Attendee,

You've probably been to every seminar imaginable...
seen the flyers...
read and watched the media...
looked at the brochures...
only to find out it's another glorified rock show with nonstop sales pitches....

I’m sick of the promoters who tell you that you can make a Million pounds in 5 minutes by fogging a mirror… (aren’t you?)

Make a decision to change NOW!!

Put a stop to losing out & run your own life, rather than have someone run it for you. Become the captain of your own team, move forward and make a difference....

This is your chance... your chance to hang out with the best... to hear from the "movers and shakers"
NOT the “talkers” & "Negative” People.

Finally… your chance to get solid information from real life experts who walk their talk... and are doing it as we speak... experts who want to show you exactly what to do, step by step!

Speakers from the UK, USA & World-wide have agreed to donate their time to GO TO WAR TOGETHER & FIGHT THE WAR!!




What will turn your finances & business around?


But… you need guidance, systems, coaching & shortcuts!

Follow success... model yourself after those who've been there and done it before you... take hold of their hands and don't let go...
Lock up your dog, cat and pet budgie...

Do whatever it takes to get to London from Sept 3rd to Sept 5th 2010...

Show up if you mean business and you want your own business... Or to grow your business

Bring your loved ones.... give them the chance to succeed and move forward with you...

There will be never before seen in the UK, “monster huge”<- (an American expression)  speakers that don’t need to travel but have agreed to come over to this side of “the pond” because of my friendship with them.

This is your chance to make it big in the UK...

The problem is YOU!  You don’t believe you can make it!
(We’ve got that handled too). We are bringing in the best trainers in the world who have helped people who are in a worse position that you are or have been.

You're NOW in the right place at the right time... take it with both hands...

If you've been to every seminar imaginable and still haven't achieved the results you're after... if you've been to every dream weekend, walked hot coals, massaged the shoulders of thousands, done the jig and have given thousands of "high 5's"...
it all means nothing if you're not where you want to be in your life...

We have done EVERYTHING in our power to make this not only filled with content, education & to make it  profitable for you, but to bring you SOME FUN!

You see we too have been sitting quietly at those other events and listened to what you want.

We hear what you want:

  • You want “Lots of content” - WE GOT IT! 
  • You want “Networking” - WE GOT IT (SPECIAL EVENING SESSION)
  • You want Systems that are fresh & innovative! - WE GOT IT
  • You want “To not waste your time” - WE GOT IT!
  • You want ideas that are fresh not the same old - WE GOT IT!
  • You want to get going as quickly as possible - WE GOT IT!
  • You to make sure the commute IS worth your time - WE GOT IT!
  • You want to HAVE FUN while learning - WE GOT IT!

Join us & experience something never seen, felt or experienced before in the UK.

This will be a weekend you will always remember that WILL change your life!!

See you there,

Larry Loik


Are you tired of seminars and summits that end without REAL networking? Then look no further! On Saturday evening we will be hosting a special "Power Networking" session. This is an excellent opportunity to pass out business cards and rub shoulders with the movers and shakers in the business. Many of our summit faculty will be there to share ideas and answer questions.

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Become Masterful In Your Speaking
( And In The Media)
- Being a Master at instantly connecting powerfully with your audience or clients and make extraordinary impact any and every time you hit the stage or are in the media
- A Breakthrough in banishing any barriers that could ever hold you back in any way
- How to be COMPLETELY who YOU are, free of all the 'shoulds', 'templates' or old, tired ways and revel in the freedom of that
- The Four SECRET distinctions that ensure you have any crowd or person mesmerized by you
- Knowing how to avoid the FIVE mistakes many professional speakers make

Multiple Streams of Income
- 7 Strategies for Making a Fortune Online: Learn how to get more visitors to your site.
- Accelerate Your Financial Plan: Learn the 3 things you must do to use all of your power to get the money to start, make your plan, and work it.
- The Road To Wealth: ALL of my secret money making strategies to build massive amounts of wealth!
- The Nothing Down Now Real Estate System: The secrets of making RISK-FREE offers, finding "cash cows," and how to use "ultimate leverage"...
- 50 Nothing Down Now Strategies

Copy of one of
Robert Allen's
Best Selling Books

How to Get More Traffic, Leads and Customers for ANY Business!
- Secret technology to skyrocket your site to the top of the search engines
- Quickly and easily create an automated process to capture leads and sales
- An instant online marketing blueprint you can use grow your business and promote yourself IMMEDIATELY
- A step-by-step system to get tons of free web traffic
- A formula to build your list
- Use social media networks to get traffic
- Find targeted prospective buyers using video and social media networks
- A surefire way to establish yourself as an expert & authority on ANY topic
Find Out
How To Get a FREE
Kodak Zi8 at The Event

Persuasion Power / Wealth Foundation System
- How to arouse child-like curiosity at your very first point of contact, where a stranger is hanging on your every word and move you make.
- Anyone can learn to persuade with impact regardless of their appearance, education or personality. A Transformation Mechanism they simply hand out, which often generates a 25% or more income increase.
- The one zero-cost transformation they can put into action that will enable them to establish instant credibility, often receiving free upgrades to firstclass air travel, suites in hotels at standard rates, and often the best table in the house.
- The power of scripting with precision exactly what it is they do in an emotionally engaging manner.

How to Create a £6million Multiple Income Internet Business 
  - Simon Coulson has over 200 profitable automated websites, membership sites & real-world products shipped daily.
His mammoth presentation is full of 'light bulb' moments
- He will show you exactly how he did it and how you can repeat his success.
Six years ago Simon Coulson was sat in a seminar just like this
- Ask yourself if it takes me 6 years investment of my time & resources to reach financial freedom
- Would that be time & money well spent?

Powerful Goal Setting Strategies And Life Management Tools
- Learn how you can double your income, double your client base, double your vacations - or double whatever you wish!
- Double your income doing what you love
- The secret to having a full and rich life! Yes, you can finally have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted
- Stuck in a financial rut? Number One method of earning more every year, while freeing up time for vacations or taking care of your health or whatever you want to do
- Don’t just “overcome” your obstacles… transform them into the very thing that will help your goals become reality

How To Speak Like A Pro And
Sell A Truckload From The Stage
- How to speak like a Pro
- How to craft an irresistible offer
- Create rapport with audiences of up to 6500 people
- Keep the response of the audience high
- How to prime your golden nuggets of information
- How to sell under the radar
- How to get them buying before you've even finished speaking
- How to get them running to the sales tables like bees to honey

Guaranteed Government Certificates You Can Easily Afford Will Get You Financial Solutions Quickly
- Ted Thomas' Secrets to Earning 16% - 18% - 24% Up to 50% on Secured Government Certificates
- Your cash flow is fixed by law... and will stay high regardless of what happens to bank rates or the stock market!"
- Get You Financial Solutions Quickly – Many Retire In 5 – 7 Years
- Start Investing With Any Amount
- Start Investing With The Government

How You Can Build Your Very Own Internet Marketing Empire In Weeks
- How You Can Build Your Very Own Internet Marketing Empire In Weeks, Even If You Have No Technical Skills Or Know Absolutely Nothing About Internet
- Marketing Right Now
- How to pick your product, service, or niche
- Setting up squeeze pages
- Building web blogs, configuring your forums
- Setting up membership sites
- Dreamweaver & Frontpage for web design
- Blogging for Busineses
- Article writing and more

Make money and lots of it generating leads on the Internet
- Get 83 Leads in 18 Seconds of People Already Asking to Buy Your Products and Services Instead of Waiting for Leads to Come to You
- Find real time leads of people looking to buy your products and services now
- Contact them with a click of a button using proprietary technology ensuring high deliverability
- Local city, state, nationwide, and worldwide search functionality
- Find leads in almost any profitable market.
- Learn the four ways of making money off leads (even one lead can turn into hundreds or thousands of dollars)

Real World Strategies For
The Virtual World
- Discover The Little Known 4-Step-System Literally ALL Successful Companies Use To Make Their 7 Figure Income Online - In Just One Day.
- How to Research Niches and Sub-Niche Markets
- How to Determine the best Money Making Niches again and again
- How to Create 'Fly Catcher' and 'Squeeze Pages' and why this will imperative for your survival online!
- How to Capture Prospects and Customers Details 24/7 x365 and while you sleep!
- How to Generate Tons of Laser Targeted Traffic to Your Website within seconds!

Venture Funding & Business Growth Strategies
- 3 Pillars to Success
- Business Growth Strategies
- How To Connect With Millionaires
- Customer Acquisition
- Relationship Marketing
- How To Fill Your Pipeline
- Turn Inspiration Into Success
- Scheduling your Perfect Business Day
- Systems and Programs to Succeed
- Tap your Personal Best
- 5 Keys to Winning in Business
- The Millionaire Blueprint

Building Wealth Systems

- How to make the best use of the Internet World and maximise your potential.

"We are all self made through the choices we make and the paths we follow, we create it all. If you do not like where you are in life, take responsibility to improve it." Kalpesh Patel

Marketing Strategies
for Service Professionals
- Step-By-Step Marketing Plan To Attract All The Clients They Can Handle And Reveals The Secrets To Building a Six-Figure-Income Practice
- Generate an influx of new, qualified leads and paying clients you love working with using new marketing tactics
- Learn step-by-step plan to find a market that's hungry and willing to pay for your coaching now
- Build a client attraction system that causes prospects to seek YOU out
- Quickly and inexpensively develop profitable multimedia info-products

Cruising For Profits
-If You Have A Niche Business Online, And A Following, Even A Small One... Captain Will Show You How To BE The "Guru" At Your Own Fun Group Mega-Event, Sailing To Exotic Ports Of Call While You And Your Guests Network In The Caribbean, Alaska, Hawaii or Europe...
- Host Your Own Customer Appreciation Cruises, Coaching Cruises, Product Creation or Training, Workshops and Theme Vacations!
- Get Low Group Rates For Your Guests and a FREE Cruise For You
- Get PAID To Speak While Traveling The World!
- Earn Profits On The Front End, Back End and the Never End!

  - “Money Making” Done For You Websites
- - List Building Technology. Lifetime membership
- Amazing-Done-For-You Hollywood Style Sales Video
- ERUPTION "THE SYSTEM" - Web 3.0 Internet Marketing System
- Text Message Marketing System
- “War on Debt” Home Study Course - Get out of Debt Fast
- 800# Service – Virtual Assistant Marketing System
- Monthly Conference Training Call
- Priority Waiting List to for T.I.M.E Mastermind Group - Network & mastermind with multi-millionaires
- InfusionSoft CRM System. Customer retention management email system + All training

No promo code needed

1. EVENING VIP NETWORKING PARTY  (Bring your business cards)

We know that one of the great benefits of LIVE EVENTS is meeting other people to do business with. Other events never have enough time for you to network. We provide a fun evening dedicated to networking & meeting other like minded people like you.

All 3 days will have A FREE LUNCH, no strings attached sponsored by one of our corporate sponsors
3. Amazing “Suspension of Disbelief” Evening show with Joel Bauer

Joel Bauer, has been performing for over 20 yrs on stage. His show is mesmerizing, thoroughly entertaining & fun. You will be amazed and stunned!
4. Social Party with live music from The Simon Coulson Band “Coolplay” with VIP guest Lynn Rose

UK’s own Favorite Internet Marketing Expert Simon Coulson will perform with his band “Cool Play” along with a VIP guest singer: Hollywood’s own Lynn Rose, who headlined in Las Vegas along with being on numerous USA TV shows, radio & more.

5. Speaker Panel Q & A Session - Get all your questions answered

We are bringing in extra local UK speakers to answer all of your Internet marketing & Entrepreneur Business Questions
6. Hollywood Emcee / Singer Lynn Rose

She has performed worldwide and has been featured all over Television, radio, Las Vegas shows, corporate shows & has been a guest on the Jay Leno show, movies & more

7. Door crasher prizes

Rewards for attendees who show up on time
8. Give-aways
(Speakers products & Services)

Daily drawings for all attendees, prizes worth thousands of dollars
9. Certificates for Florida  Holidays

All attendees who attend all days qualify.

Details at the event!
10. Special Appearance by 
“Captain” Lou Edwards

How to go on a Tropical cruise for pennies & meet celebs & network with other marketers & entrepreneurs
11. Surprise Celebrity Cameo
Guest Appearances

Watch for “Stars” showing up for photo opportunities with you
12. Business Trade show

Experience hands-on demonstrations from the industry's experts

14. Plus many more Surprises!!

Patrick Braid

Foreign Exchange is an international financial market place where money is bought and sold freely. It is a 24hr cash market where traders speculate on changes in exchange rates of foreign currencies.
Considering Forex is the largest financial market in the world, trading in excess of US$1.9 Trillon a day, with the right education Forex can provide a very healthy income.
Colin Daymude

Infusionsoft Expert.

Infusionsoft is Award Winning Automated Marketing CRM + the leader in Email Marketing 2.0. By combining a powerful CRM with email marketing,businesses can grow faster and smarter.
John Martinelli

Entrepreneur, online advertising expert and life enthusiast.

John Martinelli helps businesses create ridiculously responsive advertising campaigns.
Simon Hedley

Simon Hedley, is an expert on creating successful businesses, processes and making a difference.

He has made extraordinary impacts in fields as diverse as banking and web marketing.
Anik Singal

If you want to know the best affiliate marketing methods and are willing to learn the techniques that the top-notch webmasters used to become what they are today, then Anik Singal and his marketing journey would be of great help to you. He was awarded as one of the best young entrepreneurs of 2008 in the entire USA.
Ray Karpuska

Animation, video animations for internet marketing online
Dave Sheahan

World's #1 Coach, Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Author and Speaker.

World's #1 No Holds Barred Elite High Achievement Consultant.

I am going to get right to the point – I want you to give up an entire weekend of your time.  Why in the world would you do that?  Good question!  Let me answer it for you in only TWO words – “YOUR FUTURE”.

If you are serious about generating QUICK CASH and long-term financial security for you and your family, you must attend this powerful, FREE wealth-building conference in London on September 3 - 5. I’ll admit this event is not for everyone. It’s not for people who don’t have ambition.  It’s not for people who have no desire to “hustle” to make more money.  It’s not for people who whine about their financial situation and have no drive to do something about it.

This is PRECISELY why I am inviting YOU!  You are what I call a “TEN PERCENTER” – someone who is smarter and more motivated than 90% of the people in your town.  That’s good news, but I have a challenge for you – I want you to become a “FIVE PERCENTER”.  A five-percenter is someone who is considered the wealthy of England.  A five-percenter does not need the Government to support their retirement.  A five-percenter is someone who makes it happen while the other 95% sit around and wonder, “what happened to my life?” 

I am asking you to invest a weekend of your life to BECOME A FIVE-PERCENTER!

The Market Has Changed...
(Do You Want To Know What Is Working?)

The media has been pounding the housing market, saying things are bad and the ride is over.  Are they right?  Partially.  The amateurs who rode the market and did everything wrong still got away with it because of appreciation. That's not market timing, that's called "LUCK"!  You don't need luck if you learn the right way to invest in the new market. 

Our expert panel will share with you the most cutting-edge ideas that work in today's real estate market so you can profit no matter what the market does.  Let's face it, some people make money in ALL markets (ask Warren Buffet) because they stay ahead of the trends and are constantly learning new ideas.  If you rest on your laurels and the old way of doing it, you'll find yourself coming up with average results.  If you learn new ideas, new concepts and constantly reinvent your approach, you'll be one of the few that make a bundle from the opportunities in this market.

Take Control Of Your Financial Future

Leaving your financial future up to your boss ("Will he give me a 3% raise this year?") or some stockbroker or "financial planner" will mean a lifetime of worry and insecurity! If you would like to have the ability to make as much money as you would like, whenever you like, you must become a investor.

If you aren't getting the financial results you want, you MUST try something new. Working harder with the wrong formulas won't get you better results. Don't work harder, make your money work harder! Traditional investing is hard and slow. You need to learn new ideas to make more money with less effort - and that is exactly what we are covering at this special summit!

Are you looking to get out of the rat-race and enjoy life?

Just one idea from this event can help you make an extra $10,000 this year...

The More Successful People You Are Exposed To, The More Successful You Become! It's A Fact!

“How to make money” – Watch the video

Your parents may have told you "watch out who you hang out with". Well, in some sense, they were right, particularly when it comes to financial success. Who you surround yourself with in business will generally determine how much you make. To increase your business and your income, you need to be exposed to the type of people who think and act the way in which you need to think.

The people who attend our seminar are by far what makes us stand out from the crowd. Our attendees are not your average seminar crowd.

Many of our past attendees have been people who are already highly successful and come to continue their education and gain new information and more importantly to network and build their business. Use this event as a way to create new partnerships, meet new contacts or just find people to inspire you to succeed to the next level in your financial goals!

You don't have to be clever, or creative, or wealthy to become filthy rich... you simply have to imitate just one proven system that already works, and put it into action. That's it. Dead simple.

Find someone who is successful, and simply do what they do.

It's that simple! As the saying goes, "Why create mediocrity when you can copy genius!" So, with that in mind, I've invited some of these geniuses who've already "been there and done that" and can show you their systems of success so you can copy exactly what they do and get the same results! 

We've assembled a team of the nation's best-selling authors and experts to share their vast knowledge and experience with you! We've hand selected these people because of their "no-hype" approach. Many summits are nothing but "pitch men" who do nothing but sell books and tapes. Each speaker will have products for sale, but they will also share information with you, not just a sales pitch.

Event Date:
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, September 3, 4, 5, 2010
Event Times:
The T.I.M.E. Event (The Internet Marketing & Entrepreneur Event) Starts Promptly at 8:45 AM all three days!
Event Location:
Hotel Ibis Earls Court
47 Lillie Rd
London, England SW6 1NL
020 7610 0880

No promo code needed

Note:Due to speakers varied schedules & travel distance, Speaker Schedule & evening Event times subject to change

What Do Others Have To Say About Our Faculty?

Students from all our faculty are calling, writing and emailing us telling us how much money they are making with the powerful wealth formulas they learned. You've probably seen a few of them in your neighborhood.

You've seen some of them driving around town in their new Cadillacs, Jaguars and Mercedes on their way home to houses on the golf course, on the lake or at the top of the hill.

Maybe you haven't seen some of the other attendees.

Why not join them?

"Your event was one of the best events I've ever attended."
  — Rick L., London
"Mark Nathwani & Larry Loik's events are phenomenal. IT'S PURE MEAT! NO FLUFF! Do whatever it takes to get there & bring a friend or two."
  — Jennifer C., Liverpool
"You will get more high quality, cutting edge information that is not taught anywhere else!"
  — Doug D., Sheffield
"I got so much more out of your event than I ever expected..."
  — Diana S., Bristol
"This one of the greatest events that I have ever attended"
  — Steven Y., Manchester
"I truly enjoyed the information... it was well worth the time I spent."
  — Brian W., London
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, the information you provided this weekend was second to none."
  — Tracy O., Sheffield
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818-889-6006 ext 103 (USA)
+44 20 8144 0380 (UK)